Sunday, March 7, 2010


What a weekend! It was 50 degrees and sunny. And, best of all, it smelled like Spring! I opened all my windows and let the fresh air in Sunday afternoon. It feels like Spring is just around the corner and I am so ready for it.

So, in the spirit of Spring, we scrubbed and repaired and organized. We even Spring cleaned the car Saturday with a car wash and oil change : ). Afterwards, we went to the thrift store, paint store, the market, and about a million other places running errands and working on Ava's big girl room. We had lunch Founder's Brewing Co. I'd never been before, but I'd heard good things and it lived up to the hype. Mmmmm, BLT and pale ale. And, we got to go to a library book sale (one of my favorite things) to stock up for reading month.

We also just got Ava's costume for her dance recital. She has begged to wear it almost every day since we got it, so I think this one will live on in her dress up trunk. After I took this photo I realized those things on her legs go on her arms. Oops.

After lots of thought, and anxiety, and research, I think I have landing on the right direction for Ava's room. I want it to be reflective of her (very girly and outgoing) personality, but also be a calming environment that can grow with her.
 The paint color is a soft bluey grey from Benjamin Moore called Glass Slipper (perfect name for a princess!). I also found a lot of incredible artwork for the room (from Kiki and Polly, Erin Tyner, Anna Bond ). The butterflies I bought are from Meijer Gardens butterfly show.

For the windows, I'm thinking the Moda orange floral for roman shades with the natural linen as drapes with grosgrain ribbon trim that will match the shade. The problem with this plan is that I have wide windows. Wider than the fabric already, before hemming. I think I have a possible solution, but I'm going to have to play around with it a little. More on that later.

I'm looking for a vintage bed that looks like this Ethan Allen one. I know I've seen them on Craigslist, but now that I'm looking for one they are, of course, no where to be found. 

I'm thinking the Amy Butler sunspots fabric to reupholster a chair and ottoman that will sit next to the dollhouse bookcase my dad built.

Unfortunately, the weekend flew by and now it's back to work.

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  1. You mention fabric and hemming, does that mean you want mom to come visit? Also, did you paint Ava's bed blue? I thought it was white? LOVE Ava's costume!!!