Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bubbles, books and broken eggs

This weekend, my sister brought her boys (the cousin brothers) to visit. We planned to hit some thrift stores and fabric stores, but the kids were too worked up to safely enter a store with anything breakable.

We did manage to make it to this weekend's library booksale. We got there during the last hour, when they charge $1 per bag. So, we did the Supermarket Sweep version of book shopping and shove anything that looked interesting into a grocery bag while trying to wrangle three little ones (two of which had just been cooped up in the car for three hours).

The weather was rainy and a little chilly, but we did manage to make it outside for a little while to blow bubbles and draw on the sidewalk.

When the wind got too chilly, we went inside to plant egg herb gardens based on Darby's. We planted basil, rosemary and cilantro. Connor is eight and I think he was the only one that actually kept all the same seeds in a single egg. Ava and Jamie were a bit more free spirited.

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  1. LOL! I LOVE the look on Jamie's face outside!