Sunday, January 17, 2010

Every day is a gift

Already this year we've gotten some pretty big reminders at how precious every day is. First, on Jan. 8 an old friend passed away suddenly after a fall on the ice. He was only 28. Then, not long after, the devastating earthquake in Hati that has claimed and continues to claim the lives of so many.

So, today we're getting our financial papers in order and drafting our will. Because there are no guarantees.

Day 1

I love the symbolism of a fresh new year, a clean start. Especially this year, where not only is it a new year but a whole new decade. Unfortunately for me, it seems that even my best laid plans go awry and my New Year's goals are quickly forgotten amongst the everyday tasks and surprises that take precedence.

I'm trying to make this year different. So, I'm posting my New Year (and new decade) resolutions here to keep myself more accountable.

This Year:
  • Be more organized (in life and in home). Get rid of what we don't need or use. Iron more often, do hair and wear makeup everyday. Plan. Bring a place setting to work and eat lunch on real dishes. Drink coffee from a cup with a saucer
  • Increase educational activities for Ava and reduce the amount of TV and other distractions. Take advantage of local resources like nature centers and museums.
  • Get back in share once and for all. Take better care of myself by making time to excercise every day, eating more organic, local, and natural food, and making dermatologist, dentist,and other important health appointments.
  • Be more adventuruous. Try new things.
  • Be more generous in time as well as money. Help those who need it, not just by donating money, canned goods, clothes, etc., but also by volunteering time more often.
  • Be more spiritual and hopeful. Find a church that we love. Look for the good in the world, not just the bad.
This Decade:

1. Finish writing a novel.
2. Work on a movie set.
3. Go to the Sundance Film Festival.
4. Be a better person. Every day.
5. Work in visual design.
6. Go to France and take a cooking lesson.
7. Work in interior design.


I've cleaned out my closet and have another huge bag of clothes to give away. I bought a new closet organizer to install to maximize the amount of space. Today, I'm going through Ava's closet and packing up all the clothes she's outgrown into the "save for future new baby" or "donate" categories. I also have a bunch of furniture to donate.

I'm trying to be better about preparing the night before by laying out clothes for me and Ava and making sure whatever we need for the day is ready to go. I've also been trying to get up earlier in the mornings so I can do my hair and makeup. I'm not completely there yet, but I'm working on it...

I've been trying to do the Body and Soul magazine Whole Body Action Plan. The first week was a detox/cleanse week and I already lost 5.5 lbs! I've also been working out more, although I'm not consistent about every day yet.

As to the less TV/more educational activities, I think we're going to cancel our Tivo : ( Our three year subscription is up, so it seems like it's a sign. I'm also thinking about reducing our cable to basic only, which will be hard for Ava because the Disney Channel is pretty much the only one she watches. Ava loves to bake, so we did a lot of that while we were on vacation around the holidays. I also picked up a couple kids cookbooks on clearance so we can cook dinner together. I'm also looking for some more fun, TV-free activities that are age-suitable.

How about you? Do you make resolutions?