Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now that I'm on maternity leave and my day job is not using up all my creativity, I've been wanting to make a project. Ava's preschool offered the perfect opportunity when the scheduled picture day on St. Patrick's Day. In order to add a little green to her outfit, but remove it for her photo, I decided to make a special St. Patrick's Day ribbon.

I basically just grabbed any craft supplies I had lying around that were green, pink or white and hot glued them together. Ava was pretty excited to wear it to school this morning (although you can't tell from this photo -- it was early).
I had to make that bow late last night after seeing the (much, much cuter) ones at Wendy and Peter.

Ava's preschool class is having green pancakes this morning and she was very curious yesterday about how you would catch a leprechaun. Holidays like St. Patrick's Day is so much more fun with kids.

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