Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Gifts

This Friday the parents' at Ava's school are organizing a teacher appreciation pot-luck and we're all supposed to bring a homemade gift. Knowing that I love Ava's artwork, but a non-relative who would be getting art from all the other kids as well might want something that would be useful as well as decorative. And it needed to be something quick and easy that Ava and I could do together.
  We picked up a few supplies from the store and got to work.
I sprayed each pot with chalkboard paint we already had, then Ava filled each one 2/3 full with potting soil.

Then we added the flowers and Ava used chalk to draw a special picture on each one. (In hindsight, this would have been a lot easier if we'd drawn the pictures before we potted the flowers.)
Then we added a message on an apple-shaped post-it note (it says: "Thanks for helping me learn and GROW!") and Ava drew on another set of post-its, then we sandwiched an extra-large pencil between the two notes and stuck them in the pots.
Done! The whole project was less than $20 for all three and, while homemade, her teachers can re-write and re-use the pots to their hearts content (and think of Ava every time they do). Now to decide what to make for the pot-luck...


  1. How adorable! The teachers are going to love these!

  2. chalkboard paint - Brilliant. It's totally perfect for a teacher and anyone. I would have never thought of that. Okay, now it is a must make.