Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Club: Firefly Lane

This month I hosted my very first book club! I've always wanted to be part of a book club, but it never worked out for one reason or another. Then, about a month ago, I found a special offer from the publisher to host a party and in return get a free book for everyone you invite. I'm lucky enough to know lots of fabulous ladies who love to read, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The Party: The book follows two friends from when they meet in the 70s as children to today, so for the party we listened to lots of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and drank Faygo and "fireflys" (grapefruit juice, citrus vodka, and grenadine) served in canning jars just like the ones we used to catch real fireflies in. I love how the chips are (unintentionally) 70s colors. We ate them with warm goat cheese dip, so easy and delicious.

I also decorated a little with tealights in jars. This party was totally easy to prep for, which is perfect for book club.

The Book: I've always loved reading, but it's a totally different experience to discuss the book with friends afterward. I really enjoyed hearing how others responded to or interpreted different things in the book. Everyone said they really liked the book. I, personally, had a hard time getting into it at first. Because there is such a large amount of time covered in the book, I felt like the author, Kristin Hannah, did a lot of "telling" rather than "showing" in the beginning 1/3 of the book. So, it took a while for me to get to know or care about the characters. The rest of the book I spent either hating one of the characters for being so self-centered and or the other character for being such a doormat. That said, I thought there was a lot of really good stuff in the book and everyone who read it could relate to something in it. I would definitely read something by Hannah again.

For March, we're (re)reading The Time Traveler's Wife, then watching the movie.

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